This photograph shows a round and white sculpture on a wooden base. The surface is a little bumpy.

Eric Cameron

(b. Leicester, England, 1935)


Lettuce (10,196)

1979 and ongoing

Acrylic on gesso and acrylic on head of lettuce

45.7 x 45.7 x 45.7 cm (approx.)

Photo of the installation at the exhibition Eric Cameron: Works from 1963 to 2008

Courtesy of TrépanierBaer Gallery, 2008 

© Eric Cameron

Lettuce is part of a series of conceptual objects by Eric Cameron called “Thick Paintings.” These works consist of everyday items like a paper bag, egg or head of lettuce that the artist methodically covers with hundreds, even thousands of coats of acrylic gesso (10,196 for Lettuce). The use of a brush to apply the material and the physical and chemical effects of drying transform the objects in unpredictable ways. The systematic process can extend over many years and ends only when one of three things occurs: the work is acquired by a museum, the object breaks under the weight of the gesso, or the artist dies...

Calgary-based Eric Cameron is a painter, video artist, critic, writer and professor best known for the “Thick Paintings” he began making in 1979 and for the painted grids of tape he calls “Process Paintings.” Cameron’s rigorous, disciplined way of working stretches over the long term. His strict adherence to a creative process that will continue until he dies prompts reflection on the inevitability of death and the subtle but constant changes wrought by everyday life.

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