This photograph shows a woman looking at the camera. Behind her is a painting of a mountain partially covered in snow.

Jin-me Yoon

(b. Seoul, South Korea, 1960)


Group of Sixty-Seven (detail)


Installation of 134 cibachrome prints

40 x 50 cm (each photograph)

Purchased in 2004

Vancouver Art GalleryVAG 97.2 a-eeeeee

© Jin-me Yoon

Group of Sixty-Seven is a contemporary work rich in meaning: Jin-me Yoon uses historical works of art that contributed to the construction of Canadian identity so as to subvert their nationalist discourse. Yoon had sixty-seven members of Vancouver’s Korean-Canadian community pose in front of Maligne Lake, Jasper Park (1924), by Lawren S. Harris, and Old Time Coast Village (1929-1930), by Emily Carr. The number sixty-seven is a reference to the year of Canadian Confederation and to its centennial year, during which the government made changes to the Immigration Act. These changes allowed the artist’s family to immigrate to Canada.

Although the installation Group of Sixty-Seven dates to 1996-1997, it fittingly represents 1931 here. It serves as a reminder that the Group of Seven disbanded after holding its last exhibition that year; furthermore, it evokes the use of iconic works of that era as a starting point for timely questioning about identity and territory. The Korean-born Canadian artist Jin-me Yoon explores this theme using photography and video. In her works, she appropriates and humorously transforms nationalist narratives and iconic images that shape identity discourses.


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